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Gudrun Ranftl is a certified yoga teacher by the Hatha method of B.K.S. IYENGAR ®. The weekly classes are suitable for all levels.  When there is at least one student who does not speak German, I will teach in English and German. You can begin any time in the small yoga classes with up to at most 6 students. Covering certain subjects like ‘Yoga versus Stress’, ‘Legs & Balance’ or ‘How to strengthen your Knee’ I give Workshops.

About Gudrun Ranftl: In 2010 I began the Teacher Training at Clé Souren’s Iyengar Yoga Studio in Amsterdam. Three years later, after 700 hours yoga practice and a well-grounded study in anatomy and philosophy, I have successfully accomplished the exams of Introductory Level I und II. Since autumn 2011 I have been teaching regularly in Frankfurt. With my certificate I look at this as a well done start and a base from which I can build further. On my yoga-path I have been instructed by excellent Iyengar yoga teachers worldwide (alphabetical order): Abhijata Iyengar, Birjoo Mehta, Clé Souren, David Meloni, Delilah King, Doug Keller, Gulnaaz Dashti, Ingela Abbott, Katrin Feuerbach, Laurie Blakeney, Louis Steinberg, Manouso Manos, Rembert Petrus, Richard Schachtel, Zubin Zarthoshtimanesh and many more gifted individuals.

Costs for a Weekly Yoga Class (80 Min.): Single Ticket: 22€ | 3’s Ticket: 53€ | 10’s Ticket: 165€
All tickets are valid for one year.
Workshop (2 1/2 hrs): 48€ per person (or two units from a 10’s Ticket). If you want to organize your own workshop in Frankfurt, please contact me.

The updated schedule you find here. I usually teach Mondays and Tuesdays evenings. I send an email every month and then you register. In case you have to cancel the registered class again, it’ll be with no fees if you do this 24 hours before. I teach small classes (maximum of 6 students) in my house in Frankfurt.

The Zoom Classes on Wednesdays are in German only.

Save the Date: Coming Up Yogaworkshop Sunday, 10th of September 2023, 10am-12:30pm or Saturday 16th of Sept,, 10am-12:30pm

Contact me: I look forward to hearing from you.